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40 Day Challenge

I love challenges – they really fire me up.  Kristen over at Iowa Girl Eats decided that for Lent this year, rather than give something up, she’s embarking on a 40-Day Challenge to exercise at least 20 minutes everyday.  Now, I’ve always been a bigger fan of doing something for a Lenten promise rather than simply giving something up and then going straight back to old habits come 7AM on Easter Sunday, so maybe this just appeals to me on a deeper level.  (My only attempt at being spiritually in tune with myself today….promise.)  My Lenten preferences aside, Kristin invited other bloggers (and non-bloggers) to join her on this Holiest of 40 Day Challenges – and join up, I have!

This challenge couldn’t be more appropriate, given my previously-stated goals to get healthy (again) after my recent traumatic and crazy life events.  To put a little twist on IGE’s challenge, my goals will be:

1.  Move for at least 30 minutes every day (because my lower half could really use all the exercise I can give it, and because 30 minutes is a reasonable amount of time for me to fit in everyday)

2.  Make healthy choices at meal times!  (My problem here is that I know exactly what I should be choosing to eat, but I somehow manage to still choose the french fries over the veggies!)

3.  I will track my weight on a weekly basis. Yikes.  Necessary….but yikes.

I will keep this page updated everyday with how I did that day, what I did to workout and what I ate.  Hold me accountable, people!  And by all means, if you see something that I could be doing better or that I could change to see better results, speak up!  I read the comments =)

I’m actually pretty stoked about this challenge – I think it could be exactly what I need to get myself going again!  With all of that being said, off we go!!

Day 1: YogAMAZING Podcast, Upper Body Strength (30 minutes)

Day 2: YogAMAZING Podcast, Hips, Butt & Thighs (30 minutes)

Day 3: YogAMAZING Podcast, Yoga for Hangovers (30 minutes)

Day 4: Elliptical Trainer @ Level 3 for 30 minutes, plus 10 minutes on Stairmaster (level 2); TOTAL: 40 minutes

WEEKLY WEIGH IN:  169.8 lbs (Starting weight)  Yikes!

Day 5: Hardcore Dance Party with my Roomie (30 minutes) + Tracy Anderson Method Arm Workout (5 min); TOTAL: 35 minutes

Day 6: Shape Cardio Bikini Body DVD (3 “dance routines”, 30 min)

Day 7: Tracy Anderson Method Arm Workout (5 min) + YogAMAZING Podcast, Yoga with a Chair (27 min) TOTAL: 33 minutes

Day 8: Elliptical Trainer @ level 2 (30 min)

Day 9: Shape Cardio Bikini Body DVD (3 “dance routines”, 30 min)

Day 10: Treadmill, mixed running flat and walking on3% incline (~2.7 miles, 37 minutes)

WEEKLY WEIGH IN: 168.5 lbs (-1 lb, yay!)

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  1. February 21, 2010 7:07 PM

    Hi! I’m also doing the 40 day challenge! I’m on Day 5 and so far it’s going well. 🙂 Just wanted to stop by and give you some encouragement! Good luck!

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